Jerry N. Thomas, President

Over 30 years of experience in the ownership, operation, design, development, financing, and construction of more than 200 hospitality projects, ranging from 40 to over 300 units and single-story to 26 floors.

Through this, I spent two years, as a consultant, under the trustee in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, developing plans of re-organizations for hotels.

Has done considerable work for several New York banks, G.E. Capital, real estate investment trusts, and other hotel lenders, evaluating problem loans and placing loans with them.

Almost twenty years of experience in the simultaneous operation of more than fifty hotel and restaurant facilities while handling the development of new projects.

In an eight-year partnership with one of the top four design-build contractors in the southeast, I handled all the negotiation, supervised estimating process, designed and monitored field operations. I have consulted for several other general contractors, negotiating work, reviewing estimates, and value engineering.

Extensive experience with most types of construction, including:

      • Block & Plank
      • Wood Frame
      • Light Gauge Metal Framing
      • Red Iron Column & Beam
      • Poured-in-Place Concrete mid to high rise
      • Numerous Foundation Systems

Considerable experience in the design, manufacture & construction of modular motels, from one to five-story projects.

My portfolio has included motels, full and limited-service hotels from one story to high-rise, fast food restaurants, steak houses, condominiums, apartments, shopping centers, furniture manufacturing, and smaller businesses.

This range of experience has enabled me to understand site evaluation, the entire development, ownership, and operational process.

  • As a result, I fully understand the lender underwriting process and can adequately package a loan for new construction, refinance, or acquisition.
  • I have a considerable portfolio of lenders and enjoy a good relationship due to my understanding of their preferences and process.
  • Decide whether it will fit a conventional, SBA, or other loan type.
  • I can critique a design for operations, construction efficiency, and cost.
  • Site Evaluation, prepare project cost and proforma for financial package
  • Assist in hiring architects and engineers
  • Can value engineer and negotiate construction prices.
  • Have a good relationship with the franchises to get a given brand and get concessions for various design variances.

Can handle the coordination of project to completion, dealing with code issues, change orders, design conflicts, and final closeout with a contractor or any portion you would like me to manage.