What Advantages I Bring
To Project Development and Management
Unlike most other consulting companies, I bring over 30 years of experience in the ownership, operation, design, development and construction of hospitality projects.  I understand what it takes to make a project work, from the various perspectives:
  • Site selection for economic potential, development cost, utilization for maximum size of facility and practical ease of operations.

  • Economic feasibility determined by putting together a development plan with realistic values and projections for construction, revenue, operating and furnishings cost.  I also work very closely with the appraisers.

  • Guiding the architects and engineers in conceptual design for functionality as well as cost, based on the type of facility we are trying to create and reasonable budget objectives.  This saves a tremendous amount of time, redrawing cost and bid time, plus my clients get much lower fees because of my input.

  • Work with interior designers to get the effect needed for the project at the most reasonable cost.  I am not an expert at interior design, but I am good at suggesting less expensive ways to accomplish objectives and suggesting alternate sources for materials, furnishings and equipment.  I also coordinate their work with the general contractor to ensure a timely opening date.

  • Selection and negotiations with general contractors are critical to achieving budget objectives.  I have worked for and with contractors for over thirty years, thus I understand the entire pricing and construction process.  I do not endeavor to get the cheapest price for any of my clients because the project can suffer dramatically from this approach.  I try to select good contractors based upon past experience, current performance and recent competitiveness.
    Once they have priced the project, I go over their entire estimate to ensure they have included every item in their bid to avoid unnecessary change orders at a later date.  I then review any possible value engineering suggestions they might offer.  This is very important because every contractor and subcontractor has things that they do more effectively than others and you have to evaluate their method to see if it might work for this project.
    As long as their fee structure and general conditions are reasonable for the nature of the project, I do not try to reduce it.  I reduce the project costs through additional value engineering and additional prices or subcontractors for any areas of cost that appear too high.
    With this process, I take all the excess out of the project and yet give the contractor his profit and adequate costs to complete the project.

  • I stay available throughout the project and only make visits to the site, upon agreement with owner.

With the combination of the above outlined process, I can generate substantial savings against what are customary costs to develop a project and also shorten the normal development process.